Innate Choice D-Sufficiency Vitamin D3 Drops


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Providing Sufficiency For Your Whole Family
The World’s Premier Vitamin D Supplement.

Conclusive scientific evidence indicates that modern industrial human beings are dangerously deficient in vitamin D. Research shows that vitamin D deficiency is a common causal factor in pandemic levels of illness and suffering.

  • 260,000 IU’s per bottle – 500IU/drop (520 Drops/Bottle
  • Naturally Occurring (D3) from lanolin
  • Essential for All Ages.
  • Easy to use dropper included.
  • World’s Premier Vitamin D supplement

Innate Choice® D-Sufficiency™ drops represent the world’s premier Vitamin D supplement. D-Sufficiency™ drops contain vitamin D from
lanolin delivered in healthy olive oil. D-Sufficiency™ is CERTIFIED CONTAMINANT FREE and FREE OF HARMFUL PRESERVATIVES.

D-Sufficiency™ was the FIRST Vitamin D supplement delivered in healthy olive oil; a healthy, naturally ocurring, genetically congruent food.
Innate Choice® D-Sufficiency™ drops are the purest, safest, most natural sources of Vitamin D drops available.

For more information on Innate Choice D-Sufficiency check out the video below “Why Vitamin D Supplementation Is Essential”