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Quiet Desperation Or A Life of Purpose?

Life of purpose image to illustrate quiet desperation quote by henry david thoreau

I’ve always loved this quote. It’s by Henry David Thoreau.

What he means by this is that most of us (probably you to at least a certain extent if you are brutally honest with yourself) are never truly deeply satisfied with what we have in life and our life experiences.  We have too many “wants” and are not living a life of purpose.

You know who else has too many wants?  Adolescents.

The connection is that most of society are still living life with far too many pathological adolescent traits.  Our young people are too materialistic, self absorbed, consumer driven and egocentric.  Very few find and live a purpose-based life.  As a result, true adulthood has become a very uncommon accomplishment.

Not convinced?  Have a look at these traits and see if you (or most men in their 50’s) identify with some or most of them.  Low self-esteem, materialistic obsessions, no capacity for true intimacy or empathy, substance addictions, emotional numbness, incapacitating social insecurity, identity confusion, greed, narcissism, low moral development.

The Transition To Purpose

The reality is most people never really transition from adolescence into fully functioning mature adults.  We get there in age, but we don’t acquire all the characteristics that would have us be happy, on purpose, social contributors, mentors etc.  We are in essence leading lives of quiet desperation with no real roadmap on how to change it.

Do I have all the answers?  Not even close. 

I do know that it’s not too late though.

We can learn.  We can work on ourselves…..our health……our mindsets.

We need to reconnect with nature and listen to that little voice inside.

I think it’s pretty clear we need to support each other in this stage in life.

In fact I would argue we have an OBLIGATION to ourselves, our partners, children, grandchildren, and community to raise the bar and play an entirely different game.

So please join me on this journey through life and our 50’s. 

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