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For most of us it’s like a switch gets thrown and at some very distinct moment in time we become aware of our health, or loss of it, and its importance.

If you’ve clicked through this far, please continue to have a quick read to see how we can help you reclaim your health and well-being. We think you will find this very logical, practical and something you will want to understand better and implement in your life.

In short, we can help with two related but different pathways.

1.Purchase a product if you feel it will help with your challenge.
2.Start with a hair mineral analysis

For most men we suggest the hair mineral analysis

One reason is we need objective data. Blood tests are great, but they don’t measure what is going on in the tissues and it’s in the tissues where you are having your problems!

Here is the link again and we strongly suggest you give it a read.

Once you have read that, and if you still aren’t sure, have a look at this.

Should you order the hair mineral analysis, when the results come back to us from the lab, we will email you these, along with a comprehensive interpretive report and some computer generated suggestions on supplements.

When you get the results, you will also have the options of setting up a personal consultation where we will help you design a personalised lifestyle and wellness plan to help you reach your specific goals.

On a final note.

As you know at Lifestyle Integration we provide natural solutions for stress and lifestyle-based health issues for men over 50.

Choosing a practitioner to assist with your health care can be difficult. Here are some reasons you may wish to work with Lifestyle Integration

Experience. We’ve been helping people with their nutritional balancing programs for over 11 years as of 2021. This means we are likely to have experience with your challenges.

Background. Dr Todd Lizon has been a registered chiropractor since 1999. This intensive FORMAL training ensures we understand your problems physiologically at a very deep level. Please note that medical advice will not be offered as this is not in our scope of practice.

Paradigm. The chiropractic paradigm in how health is viewed is different to many others. We look at root causes and don’t just address the symptom. This is healing at a deeper more complete level.

Value. Experience and knowledge helps us get to the root causes and solutions quickly and efficiently saving you time, money and energy.

Have you considered joining our Tribe?

We know that most men are not truly happy or healthy. We don't have to settle for a life of ill health, fatigue, and slow decline. Our newsletter will help you reach your goals as we don't do mediocrity.

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