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Stem Cells Restored With Photobiomodulation

George Bernard Shaw once wrote that “Youth is the most precious thing in life; it is too bad it has to be wasted on young folks.” 

As we age and pass various “benchmarks” we can reflect on our youth and the energy and health that usually comes with it.  Most of us with a true sense of fondness, in the sense that we would like it back! 

The anti-aging field has really taken off in the last number of years and there is now a lot that can be done to improve our health and well-being. Today I want to share a documented way to raise your stem cell function back to the level of your younger days.

First, we need to understand why this is important.

Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) have the ability to differentiate into a variety of cell lineages, including osteogenic, chrondrogenic, adipogenic, myogenic, and neurogenic lines.  This means that your stem cells can change into whatever cell is needed based on injury or disease.  Bone, muscle, cartilage, muscle and nerve.  Therefore, MSCs hold great promise in a vast number of medical fields. Things like anti-aging,  and the treatment of both chronic and acute diseases.

The problem is that as we age and need our stem cells, the functional capacity of them declines.  If we need them but they aren’t there in abundant numbers, the repair system is compromised and we get sick. We can’t properly fix whatever issues need to be fixed.

The critical piece of information you need to be aware of is that the decreased function of aged MSCs has been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Photobiomodulation and Stem Cells

What those of you who follow us know, is that Photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a fantastic way to directly improve mitochondrial function.

A study was published in June 2021 titled “Photobiomodulation has rejuvenating effects on aged bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.”  They wanted to test the hypothesis that overall effectiveness of aged stem cells can be restored to the level of young stem cells by photobiomodulation. 

They took MSCs isolated from bone marrow of both young (3-month-old, 3 m) and old (24-month-old, 24 m) mice and subjected them to different PBM regimens

What they found is that the beneficial effect of a single PBM treatment did not last very long in aged MSCs as compared to younger ones.   This is NOT good.

Take Home Point

What they then did is applied 3 consecutive PBM treatments at 24 hour intervals.  This more intensive and cumulative treatment was able to demonstrate that the beneficial effect of PBM therapy can be achieved by applying three consecutive PBM treatments at 24-h intervals.  In other words, they were able to get stem cell function back to the level of young stem cells with regular photobiomodulation treatments.

How can you do this yourself?

The simple answer is pick a PBM device and actually use it consistently if you are over 50.

We recommend using a portable near infrared sauna.  These provide near infrared and red light therapy with the wavelengths you need to get the photobiomodulation effects of the mitochondria.  You can choose any sort of photobiomodulation device but when you use the near infrared sauna you get the PBM benefits as well as the heat and detoxification benefits of a infrared sauna. 

You can view our other videos to better understand all the benefits to a portable near infrared sauna.

The key point today is that CONSISTENCY is required to have a beneficial and LASTING effect on stem cells when you are over 50.

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