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Stress And The Three Stressors

Stress. As simplistic as this may sound the cause of your problems primarily comes down to one of, or a combination of, these three stressors; physical, emotional or chemical.

Let’s back up a little. In Bruce Lipton’s sensational book The Biology of Belief he illustrated how it is the environment (stress) and not our genetics that are the cause of our problems unless you are one of the 5% who can legitimately claim genetic issues.

He did a fantastic experiment where he removed what we would consider to be the brain of the cell, the nucleus. He found that the cell did NOT die as we would have expected if it was well and truly the brain of the cell. It continued along with its business.

Genetics Are Not The Key

Months later however the cell did die. When they removed the so called “brain” of the cell (the nucleus) what they actually removed was the DNA. The role of DNA is reproduction and repair of the cell! Therefore the cell died because of an inability to repair the ongoing damage of day to day stressful living.

What this means is that it is not our DNA that is running the show. Genetics are not the only key to good health.

What is key is our ability to manage our stresses.

So going back to the beginning, unless you are one of the legitimate 5% who can claim genetic defects then it is our inability to cope with stress that causes damage and disease over the long term.

It is our stressful environment that tears us down. Let’s assume your DNA is not broken. If you can minimise the three stressors, you should be able to optimise your health. This is referred to in loose terms as epigenetics.

This chart summarizes the various forms of stress in the broadest of strokes and is well worth memorizing. Notice how the arrows point to each other? What this means is that in addition to being the cause of degenerative issues when you work on one you improve the others!

The Three Stressors

stress and the three stressors
The Three Stressors

This is great news for a chronically depressed person for example. If they are having trouble with the emotional they can improve by going for a walk (physical) or by taking the right supplements (chemical). If someone is very fatigued and tired all the time (physical) they can improve by speeding up the metabolism with specific supplements which is chemical in nature.

Your health is able to be reclaimed. Just because we are over 50 doesn’t mean we can’t thrive.

This article focuses on stress, the three stressors and understanding how it’s our environment that is key to reclaiming our health. However, there are even things you can do to help with the dna as well. Things like stem cell therapy.

At Lifestyle Integration we are continuously looking at you and your stresses, and helping you thorough personalized lifestyle and supplement programs to help you live a long healthy, vibrant life. Get your stresses optimized and good things happen!

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